Taking Control of Your Data

Taking Control of Your Data

By Michael Trasatti, CEO

Are you frustrated with the DMSlearning curve when a new manager is hired?

In the automotive industry, you have seen some great DMS’ come and go. Some were sold and others were bought out; leaving only a handful of DMS players. Dealerships had no choice but to adapt or be part of the ‘abandon ship’ scenario. The implementation process for these systems is brutal and the training process is robotic, often by trainers who have no experience in the industry (let alone understand and study how a dealership, who was converting, processed their daily activities). Also there wasa desire to adapt the dealership to the system easier and how their reports read and should read on the new system.

As a user, with many years working in various DMS’, you probablyhada huge training curve. The challenges you experienced were numerous. Going in different dealership environments and adapting to their system; learning it and functioning with only a handful of remote sessions and manuals, it was most likely very painful.

For the first three to six months, you probably spent many hours determining where and what to put in each w indow. Whether to enter ‘–‘or ‘+.’ Does ‘- ‘ subtract or add? Does ‘+’ mean adding or subtracting? (Are you serious?)

Many contracts were rejected due to populating wrong fields; causing yourselfa reduction of a nice healthy paycheck and a loss of back-end grosses for your employer.

Have you experienced this?

Your data system should adapt around your environment, not the other way around.

Go to dealerbuilt.com and learn how DealerBuilt’s DMS lets you own your data. You will see why DealerBuilt is at the forefront of 21st century Dealer Management Systems.

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