It’s Your Data, You Own It!

It’s Your Data, You Own It!

By Michael Trasatti, CEO

Imagine for a second going to the bank and depositing your dealership’s daily cash balance. The next day you return to make a withdrawal to pay a bill.

You: “I’d like to make a withdrawal.”

Bank Teller: “You can’t have it.”

You: “Why not?”

Bank Teller: “You’ll have to speak with the bank manager.”

When you approach the bank manager, she is smiling and recognizes you by name, however she asks for your account number. Fair enough – you should feel good that they just don’t pull your account information without the proper security. However, when you ask for your money;

Bank Manager: “You can’t have it.”

You: “Why not?”

Bank Manager: “We’re safeguarding it for your own protection. Make a written request and we’ll explore when we can have that for you.”

Now let’s translate this scenario to your dealership business.You’ve spent years using a legacy DMS and now it’s time for you to take a newdirection and move to another DMS vendor. Through the years you have accumulated hundreds-of-thousands of records; attached to several thousands of transactions.

When you ask your legacy DMS provider that you want to have access to your

data so it can be loaded in your new DMS;

Legacy DMS provider: “You can’t have it. We’re safeguarding it for your own

You naturally interpret this to mean that you can’t ever change providers (in the guise of data protection).

All of the records that you’ve accumulated throughout the years are the lifeblood of your dealership. These records should be protected at all costs.

However, it’s YOUR data. You should be able to do with it what you want at any time. You own it; not any vendor (in any capacity) who uses it to help run your business.

You wouldn’t let a bank keep you from withdrawing your money, so why would you let a software vendor keep you from having complete access and control of your data?

Don’t let any DMS vendor hold your records and transactions hostage using the ‘data protection’ ploy. It’s one thing to keep it safe (which should be done); it’s another to not let your dealership have it when you want it.

DealerBuilt has spent years developing an easy-to-use, non-proprietary Windows-based DMS with the help of dealer partners throughout the country.

We will safeguard your data at all costs, but one thing you will never hear us say,

“You can’t have it.”

DealerBuilt believes: It’s YOUR Data – You OWN it!

Go to and learn how DealerBuilt DMS is the real answer to your dealership needs. You will see why DealerBuilt is at the forefront of 21st century Dealer Management Systems.

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