Don’t Let Your DMS Affect Your HR Decisions

Don’t Let Your DMS Affect Your HR Decisions

By Michael Trasatti, CEO

Have you ever had to hire a salesperson based on their knowledge of your DMS?

Have your salespeople been spending too much time trying to learn your DMS – rather than spending time on the floor selling?

Have your sales managers been forced to rely on one person to create reports? It’s no surprise to you that having the right dealer management system saves you time by efficiently integrating your multi -company accounting structure; taking control of your parts ordering and inventory management; quickly getting customers processed through your service department; accurately performing your corporate payroll ; and easily handling your Sales & F/I .

The biggest surprise can come when you look at how much of a factor your DMS plays in hiring the right salesperson. Time to Hire When interviewing people for a sales position, you are looking for someone who is personable, knowledgeable about the auto industry, great at networking, and most importantly; closing deals.

As part of your hiring process should you have to worry also abou t their DMS experience? A good salesperson cultivates prospects and closes deals; they do not want to spend their time plodding through a manual attempting to enter a deal into your DMS.

Legacy DMS systems are most often written in DOS (an operating syst em that Microsoft wrote in the early 1980’s). A DMS that was created more than 30 years ago is probably older than the salesperson using it. Presently, in the days of Thin Clients, Cloud Computing, Windows and Mobile applications; this equates to training someone how to ride a horse rather than getting behind the wheel of a car on the lot.

Why would anyone want to learn (or care to learn) about a green -screen system when they are used to operating a mouse and logically flowing through a Windows environment?

Time to Train

When training salespeople how to operate your DMS, why should it take days and/or weeks to learn which function keys to use on the keyboard to look up important information? It shouldn’t take a computer whiz to uncover the correct function key while referring to transaction codes to see correct current customer data or vehicle inventory. On top of the training time for the new employee; you’re probably going to need your longest tenured salesperson to take time and show your new hire t he ropes of your DMS.

Sales people who quickly don’t catch on will be forced to spend countless hours trying to learn rather than do what they were hired to do – SELL. There are several stories of sales people who have quit rather than attempting to learn or spending hours working with a DOS -based DMS. Why should anyone be forced into a decades old computing processes in the 21stcentury?

Time for a New Report

You need a new sales report and your sales manager in charge of generating reports is on the floor selling or away for lunch. What do you do? You leave a voice mail or email for them to contact you as soon as possible. Then you try to explain to them what it is you are looking for.

Pulling reports from your DMS should not be limited to which empl oyee can create them for you. When you need a specific summary you shouldn’t have to wait for the only person who knows how to create reports to get the information.

– Bottom Line

Hiring a good salesperson is paramount to being profitable at your dealership. Being proficient in any DMS should have little or no bearing on the hiring process. Why should a sales candidate, who knows your DMS, rise above someone else who perhaps is more qualified at actually selling vehicles?

Do not let your DMS affect your dealerships HR decisions. Be more concerned with hiring the right person who can sell cars and if you have an intuitive easy -to-use DMS, your salespeople, and everyone else in your dealership, will be maximized to their fullest potential!

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