It’s All About the Questions

It’s All About the Questions

By Michael Trasatti, CEO

The first questions are fairly easy to come up with as long as the person asking them has a solid understanding of the concern, i.e. how the software or the cars work. The second type of questions requires a different mindset.

These questions let the helper truly understand the problem. They are open- ended and thought provoking. These questions should be less “Why?” and much more “What?” and “How?”

These ‘second level’ questions highlight the issue and remove the debris that may be clouding the central concern. Becoming an effective questioner takes time and effort but it is an imperative skill and the very definition of quality customer service. Needless to say, the process, like any other skill that improves customer service, greatly speeds up with exposure to focused subject matter training. Like all training there would be some cost, but the potential return could far outweigh any cost. If the staff people who help customers (and there are no other kinds of staff) are given the tools they need to become effective questioners, the organization would get employees that have the ability to connect in a more meaningful way; formulate and understand problems with greater depth; gain the confidence and trust of the client; and defuse volatile situations.

Customer service is a simple term and used often in many contexts. The first step in quality customer service is to develop the skills to define the root issue the customer needs the organization to understand. Go to and learn how DealerBuilt’s DMS lets you own your data. You will see why DealerBuilt is at the forefront of 21st

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