Questions to Ask Your Dealership Payroll Provider

Questions to Ask Your Dealership Payroll Provider

By Michael Trasatti, CEO

A couple of the most common questions that any potential client asks regarding a payroll program is:

1) What can your program do that any other payroll program can’t?

2) Can you customize the fastest and easiest way for your login to process payroll within your current program?

Within DealerBuilt Payroll (DBPayroll) you have the options to:

  • Change the top toolbar view
  • Set hot keys to automatically bring up your main payroll processing windows
  • Either use your keyboard or your mouse for specific navigations
  • Save specific searches
  • Quick-load previous searches

DealerBuilt asks new clients:

Do you have a specific way that you like to process your payroll: by department, by location, or an entire company?

We can do that too! DBPayroll has quick sort options to only view what you want to see; and at one time. You can sort by: employee ID, last name, first name, department, etc. This is just another customization option DealerBuilt Payroll offers our clients.

Clients typically ask DealerBuilt:

Do we have to process our payroll all in one shot?

DBPayroll saves any information you have entered for payroll and retains that information as long as you need it. EG; You can start processing your payroll, entering commissions; then get out of the program to do another one of your many daily tasks. When you log back into DBPayroll the program, all the data you were working on is waiting for you. And, as many of you know, in the dealership world, it’s very hard to always concentrate on only one thing for an extended period of time.

DealerBuilt can show you how to do your own setups or you can tell us what you want and we will take care of it for you. Is there anything better than processing your payroll quickly, efficiently, and correctly? DealerBuilt says: “No Way!” There is nothing better than checking that task off for the day so we can get to the other 50 things to accomplish!

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