Best Kept Secret (Part 1)

Best Kept Secret (Part 1)

By Michael Trasatti, CEO

When is it ok for you to stand up on a towering podium and YELL, “I HAVE SOMETHING GREAT”. Well, thinking through that question, the quick answer would be when you actually do have something great… but you better make sure!

DealerBuilt happily was one of the sponsors at this year’s DrivingSales Executive Summit in Las Vegas. Certainly a great venue to learn about innovative auto-retail marketing ideas. In addition, these events bring together friends in the industry, the type of people that take ideas beyond the mind into reality. For me, I was chatting with Curtis Nixon and Sean Ugrin from UpdatePromise and SpiffIt respectively. Both have taken their ideas and put into action. They posed a question to me that went something like “When do you announce you have a product in the industry, is it a good idea at times to wait?”

Couple the aforementioned question with two recent events:

The First: In September, a consultant in the industry, was kind enough to ask DealerBuilt to present to a group of dealer operators that he moderates. Honored and excited to present DealerBuilt, we had two hours to stake our claim with the group. As most of my presentations go, respecting the group’s time, I simply asked them how they want to share the next two hours. Well, immediately the questions started firing, and never stopped; who were we, what do we actually do, which dealers use our system, and on and on. Most strikingly, one dealer operator simple stated this presentation was the first time he heard of DealerBuilt, surprised actually (to the point of almost disbelief) that there could be an alternative for his group of dealerships seeking a change.

The Second: During the DrivingSales Executive Summit, our newest sales representative came to me pretty excited after chatting with a few folks. He simply stated, “Mike, I really see the opportunity in front of us when I hear people come to me and say “I heard about you guys”. Well, here I am thinking shame on us for not being better marketers. But for him, he interpreted those words to mean the individual is saying, “There is something here that I want to learn more about”. That’s a new insight.

Let’s circle back to the opening point in this blog, when do you YELL, and second, the question posed to me, when do you wait.

It did not take long for me to realize why DealerBuilt might be the best kept secret in the marketplace. We waited, and waited, and waited. However, at some point in a company’s lifecycle, the company mission must be shared, especially when you believe whole-heartily in what you do. In this blog I want to plead a case, how can it be possible for DealerBuilt to come so far with so little fan-fair. How does a dealer believe a system exists that they never heard of can actually operate their dealership; especially large, enterprising dealers with sophisticated needs.

To provide a bit of perspective towards my next post, I did want to share a few points on how this could be possible

  1. Focus on

a. product, not marketing.

b. customer service, one at a time.

c. adding value to the asset, each decision based on the value-proposition and servicing the product.

  1. Have faith, that a value-driven organization will eventually have options in front of them.
  1. Build autonomy.

I have seen companies in this market fail to deliver a solid product, a sustainable product in a complex industry with tough competitors. From start-ups to large organizations, it wasn’t about spending your way out, or buying your way in, each time I saw failure, it seemed the imperatives, the compass was not pointing in the right direction.

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