What’s your Passion?

What’s your Passion?

By Michael Trasatti, CEO

It’s a new year.  Time again for those yearly resolutions to sift through your mind on how you are going to improve yourself. A new exercise routine, a habit you want to break, recalculate your financial goals. Regardless of resolution, the new year is a natural time to reflect on your previous year.  With renewed enthusiasm to seek ways to better yourself. Unfortunately, many times these resolutions fall short.  The excitement wears off. Habits are harder to break than you thought, even with the best of intentions.

However, there is one ‘resolution’ that comes to mind. Maybe not a resolution so much as a way to live a way of life; to live with passion.  My partner, John Hosmer and I speak often about our passion for what we do. We discuss creating software that people are just delighted with. To hone our craft as auto retail technologists, not for the money, but to create something worthwhile.

How did this all get started?

John thought maybe technology would help solve a problem and be the much-needed solution to improve his family’s dealerships. That desire to think a bit differently launched what we have become today. Little did he know that it would take 25 long years of countless 18-hour days. Passion was the key driver, not money, certainly not fame or glory, it has been pure passion.

For me, I left a pretty good gig at one of the big 6 consulting firms to venture on my own, with an idea that maybe better software tools could help our family’s dealership. Before sophisticated CRM’s existed, we built tools to connect dealership staff to their customers. It was definitely fun to build, though paid really lousy, horrible hours, and no guarantee of success. But that didn’t matter. The pursuit of or for something you simply believe in mattered greatly to one’s desire to do what they love.

How does this transcend into DealerBuilt, into the New Year? It’s rather simple. We seek and respond to those around us that are passionate people. About life, their work, family, faith, friends, it doesn’t matter.  If you have a desire to do great things, to be a part of something special that you helped create; that level of pride transcends the work place.  Not asking or seeking perfection, that does not exist; but excitement and passion that we can achieve success where others have failed, that our mistakes are building blocks, not black holes we cannot escape.

I challenge each of you to think about your desires in life, and what you are passionate about. If you find that what you do each week does not excite you. I am not talking about the off days where nothing goes right either. If you are not passionate that what you are doing creates value, not just for you and those that rely on you, but pride for you in what you accomplish. If these are not the thoughts that run through your mind, you should think hard about what will create that level of passion and excitement in your life and go after it.

However, if you believe that we have a duty, an obligation to do what we love; ask yourself, ‘Do I truly enjoy and love what I do?’. Do you find your days rewarding? Do you truly seek to be the best at what you do and who you are?  If the vast majority of time you answer, ‘yes’, then nothing can stand in your way.  You will certainly thrive, but more important, you will carry the confidence that you have found purpose and value in yourself and in others.

For the New Year, I have never been more excited or passionate about the opportunities in front of us. Not about the new heights we may achieve, the new hires we seek, the expansion we encounter, but about the opportunities we have to do what we love and do it really well. I believe that our passion to create value for ourselves and those around us will have a lasting affect for those that rely on us.


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