Don’t play the “Blame Game!”

Don’t play the “Blame Game!”

It’s not my fault – but it IS my responsibility to fix it! This attitude has served me very well in my career.

All too often we get wrapped up in the finger pointing when in reality all the customer cares about is “Who’s going to fix my problem?”

Once we can eliminate the blame game, we can identify the underlying issues and work towards a resolution. If you enjoy your job or love what you do, then you are in charge of your future. You are the only one that can fire you! When you can finally embrace this, you will indeed be a valuable asset to any place you chose to work.

Let’s be clear here, however. Owning your future should NOT be confused with cockiness or feeling that you are untouchable. It is all about giving the perception that you care about your clients and will do whatever it takes to ensure they are happy and satisfied.

Don’t be on the defense, take control and be the solution your clients look for.

No technology is perfect. However, once you take responsibility, instead of blaming others, you will find that your company and your clients will become your champion. They will want you to succeed just as much as you want them to.

When you fall prey to the idea that someone always has to be at fault (i.e., the “blame game”), you are never fully vested in finding a solution for your clients, but instead simply trying to convince them that you aren’t at fault. And you know what? It doesn’t matter whose fault it is. The only thing that matters is that the problem gets solved.

Set an example and provide the type of service your customers need and look to you for. I promise you that in the long run, you will be happy, your clients will be satisfied, and your company will thank you for it.

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