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Our History

DealerBuilt is a privately held company that was founded in a Dealership by an active Dealer; with teams of car people, CPA’s and programmers; thus the name: DealerBuilt.

DealerBuilt’s Dealership Management System roots came from listening to the needs of dealers throughout the country. John Hosmer, DealerBuilt President, developed a user-friendly and intuitive Dealer Management System (DMS) by listening to the needs of the dealer; which continues to be our guiding principle. We continue improving through constant input from dealership clients throughout the country.

DealerBuilt is a company that was ‘Built by Dealers; for Dealers’ and continues to evolve into an industry leading DMS solution.

If you want to hear more, we can put you in touch with dealers who needed to make the same choice as you

In 2000, John Hosmer partnered with a leading automotive accounting firm that provided expertise to automotive dealerships nationwide, leading to additional product enhancements.

The resulting system, known today as DealerBuilt, has gained broad acceptance in the marketplace, as proven by clients including the WORLD’s LARGEST Ford Dealership (Galpin Ford) and one of the NATION’S LARGEST Honda Dealerships (Norm Reeves Honda Superstore). These Goliaths trust DealerBuilt’s DMS to help run all aspects of their business. If it works for these giants (and also proven to work in other small- to mid-sized dealership clients) then it will work for your dealership. We treat each client as if they were our largest client.

DealerBuilt now competes as a viable DMS alternative. The name of the company was changed to DealerBuilt to more closely align the story behind the product; a DMS built by many of America’s most respected dealers, beginning with its founder and with the input and ideas of every DealerBuilt customer.

If you want to hear more, we can put you in touch with dealers who needed to make the same choice as you.

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