Reimagine Customer Service At Your Dealership With DealerBuilt® ceDMS

From easy check in to status updates and appointment scheduling, taking great care of the customers in your dealership’s service department is the most reliable way to grow. At DealerBuilt, we can help with our advanced Consumer Experience Dealership Management System. Our ceDMS can be easily integrated with most existing systems to take your customer satisfaction index to the next level. Find out more below, then send us an email or call to improve fixed ops customer service and earnings at your dealership.

Send Customers Automated AI-Driven Status Updates

A great way to drive higher customer satisfaction is to engage each customer every step of the way. For staff and advisors to do this well means spending a lot of time and effort. That’s why we’ve developed an AI-Driven Status Update program. It allows a customer to authorize service with a simple “yes” reply to a text, and that’s just the beginning.

Retain More Fixed Ops Customers With Intelligent Appointments & Scheduling

No one wants to wait in a long line before getting their vehicle taken care of, and your customers won’t have to with our Intelligent Appointment Scheduling. Our dealership appointment software integrates with LightYear and other systems to help your service team perform like never before. This system will notify customers of recommended maintenance schedules, recalls, and more.

Customer Mobile Check-In Software from DealerBuilt® ceDMS

While shortening the line at the service drive is great, you can truly exceed customer expectations with seamless mobile check-in. On just about any modern smartphone, your customers can avoid the line completely by simply checking in on their phone. There’s a place to indicate what the vehicle needs and an advisor is notified immediately so they can greet the customer. You can even customize the mobile check-in portal with your dealership’s logo.

Mobile Vehicle Check-In Further Streamlines Your Dealership’s Service Drive

When your service advisors are equipped with our mobile vehicle check-in software, they can quickly and easily provide customers with their vehicle history and point out any repairs or services that were deferred. And, that’s all while they’re checking the customer in. This mobile vehicle check-in system also allows the advisor to take photos, record video, take notes, and so much more.

Seeing Is Believing With Video & Photo Enabled Multi Point Inspections

It’s one thing to tell a fixed ops customer what their vehicle needs, and it’s an entirely different thing to show them firsthand. That’s what our Video and Photo Enabled MPI tool can do. When a technician performs the multi point inspection, they can take photos and videos of the vehicle that are then sent to a service adviser for approval. Once approved, these images and videos can be sent directly to the customer for easy authorization.

Make Your Service Customers’ Lives Easier With Consumer Experience Lifecycle Solutions

This is another tool that helps your fixed ops customers skip the line. The moment service is completed, the customer will receive a payment notification. Then, they can take care of the invoice easily and securely from their phone or computer. In fact, our UpdatePromisePay partner software is a comprehensive merchant Point of Sale solution that can streamline your entire dealership.

Get To Know Your Fixed Ops Customers With Real-Time Analytics & Verified Reviews

Maintaining a good reputation is key to standing out from other dealerships. That’s why our advanced Consumer Experience Lifecycle Solutions also include real-time analytics. It not only allows you to gain insight from every transaction in your dealership, it also means you can track the results of your dealership software from DealerBuilt® ceDMS to make sure we’re delivering everything we promised.

What’s more, you’ll gain control of your dealership’s online reputation through verified customer reviews. Did you know that customers trust 3rd party review sites even over their own friends and family? We’ll set you up with industry specific review sites that only have real reviews from verified customers.

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