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Multi-Company ERP

DealerBuilt’s Dealer Management System functions as a true Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution with powerful and accurate report capabilities that are designed to give you every piece of information you need to help run your business efficiently; in REAL TIME.

DealerBuilt’s accounting module was developed by dealerships and CPA’s. Our core DMS is highly scalable and our multi-store, enterprise accounting module is second to none. Prior to DealerBuilt, dealerships did not have an accounting package to handle their dealership needs; it didn’t exist.

If the world’s largest Ford dealerships (Galpin Ford) and one of the nation’s largest Honda dealerships (Norm Reeves Honda Superstore) trust DealerBuilt’s DMS to help run all aspects of these enterprise dealerships, then it will work for small – to mid-sized dealership too.

If you want to hear more about Enterprise Resource Planning, we can put you in touch with dealers who needed to make the same choice as you.

Find out why they selected DealerBuilt’s Dealer Management System over other vendors. When DealerBuilt DMS went head-to-head with other DMS solutions: DealerBuilt was their only choice! Contact or call (888) 808-0733 to find out more.