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Who is DealerBuilt?

DealerBuilt is a dealership management system (DMS) that was designed by dealers for dealers over 20 years ago. We integrate with all major OEMs and are capable or running any dealership, including the largest Ford dealership in the World, Galpin Ford.

Will you work in my dealership?

DealerBuilt’s clients range from small stores that sell 40 cars monthly to megadealers selling 1500 cars each month. We can handle any size dealership or group, and consolidate your information into a single database.

Can you save me money?

We have a full suite of dealer management software applications for the automobile dealership. This includes sales management, F&I, accounting, service management, parts management, appraisal, and CRM. We also do custom work where needed.

What dealer management software Applications do you offer?

We can handle any size dealership or group, and consolidate your information into a single database.

My Dealership writes over 5000 RO’s each month, can you handle my volume?

We have dealerships generating over 14,000 ROs each month on one database. We are structured to handle your volume, and scale to meet your demands.

We have multiple stores; how do you work in this environment?

We can handle any size dealership or group, and consolidate your information into a single database.

Do you offer an internet-based solution?

DealerBuilt offers you either a hosted solution (server is not in your store) or an on-site, inexpensive Windows server.

Should I go with a hosted or on-site solution?

This will depend on your current network environment, internet access, and other factors that may affect your dealership(s). We have a checklist we can review to determine what may be best.

Can DealerBuilt incorporate a special write-up sheet into your Sales/F&I application?

We create a custom write-up, appraisal and other forms that will match what you currently use. It will print directly from DealerBuilt. If you have a form that you complete by hand, we will want to re-create the form in DealerBuilt.

Do you convert our existing data?

Yes. We are very experienced in data conversion.

We have converted many different DMS systems to DealerBuilt. We are able to import records from virtually any DMS. Our data conversion experts will work around data access restrictions whenever possible to maximize the quantity and integrity of imported data.

Do you have factory interfaces?

Yes. We integrate with most factories. We even offer some features in addition to the standard factory interfaces!

I use a 3rd party dealer management software application for my inventory, and for other dealership functions, can you interface with them? We interface with over 100 3rd party dealership software and data providers, and we are adding more each month.

We need network, PC and printer support, do you offer this type of support?

Yes. We offer a wide range of network and hardware support. We can be your one-stop DMS vendor.

How Innovative is your software?

We have a list of innovative features a mile long. You must see the demo! We are setting the standard for ‘cool’ in the industry.

If you want to hear more, we can put you in touch with dealers who needed to make the same choice as you.

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