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Dealer CRM

DealerBuilt’s Dealer CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is designed for dealers who are looking for a CRM built for high utilization and simplicity.

DealerBuilt CRM is a natural extension of our LightYear Dealer Management System (DMS). Designed to compliment Lightyear, you can readily access all of your data including guest information, service, sales history and more in a clear, concise, and quick manner.

Built from the ground up with input from our clients detailing exactly what they want to manage leads and maintain their client base; DealerBuilt has steadily won over clients looking for a complete end-to-end dealer CRM / DMS solution.This means anything a user enters pertaining to their customer in either system is shared across platforms: After all, it is the same database.

Developed as a rules-based customer management and marketing tool dealers have flexibility to design a process that works for them. This includes lead allocation, daily work plans, follow-up schedules, and more.

Embedded key features include:

  • Internet and Showroom traffic control
  • Comprehensive drill-down capabilities for every customer with every transaction that exists in the database from source document through accounting
  • Manage follow-up and daily activities with prospects, clients, and service customers

Our CRM manages every aspect of the customer experience from a single screen that is both intuitive and detailed. You have complete control over every aspect of your customers experience.

If you want to hear more, we can put you in touch with dealers who needed to make the same choice as you.

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