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Sales – F&I module uses an intelligent design that provides managers quick and easy access to the tools needed to complete the sales process.

From prospecting to finalizing the sale, managers have complete access to a suite of services:

  • Understand your customer’s buying habits
  • Vehicle Inventory Management to find the right vehicle that makes the most sense
  • Quickly customized reports to track sales, gross, inventory, and more

Placing the right value on a trade is as simple as inserting the VIN number into the appraisal module. In addition, a single click will allow the user to compare Manheim, NADA, Kelly Blue Book, and other popular sites to zero in on trends. Finalizing the sales process with an integrated menu desking tool is easy and intuitive.

DealerBuilt has an extensive, customized forms library with the ability to print plain paper laser, short and long contracts, and electronic PDF forms.

Through constant feedback from clients and listening to their needs, the Front End module is polished by the best run dealerships today.

Simple and easy-to-use tools allow you to navigate REAL-TIME to maximize efficiency at the desk.

Track salesperson, manager, department, dealership, or group results with in-house reports or through the ‘DB Dashboard’.

Securely access your data anywhere via the Internet or through a mobile device.

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