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Technology is the central theme that keeps us on the leading edge of dealer management systems. Broader than networks, switches, and computers; it is a part of every decision we make when developing our solutions.

What keeps our technology at the forefront:

• Rapid software development tools to quickly adapt our Technology to meet the growing needs of our dealers. This is how we can customize the system to fit your process.

• Single, integrated database using the best in database technology across all our software products. This simplifies our ability to provide drill-down capabilities from anywhere to anywhere

• Maintain strict non-proprietary platforms that provide dealers the freedom to take advantage of new technologies as the enter the market.

• And more…

The results speak for themselves. Native Windows, mobile, or web-based solutions that are easy to navigate, familiar to those that use technology in every day life, and easy to learn. Secure protocols both within the DMS and applied across the environment, giving dealers unprecedented control over their system and data. Client data stored in the system forever, eliminating the need for costly offsite storage.

True lower cost-of-ownership across a dealer’s network since the dealer is able to leverage LightYear’s DMS Windows-based platform.Whatever your dealer DMS technical needs, DealerBuilt’s team of trusted and experienced technicians are on-hand to help you get the most out of your installation.

If you want to hear more, we can put you in touch with dealers who needed to make the same choice as you.

Find out why Dealers have selected DealerBuilt’s Dealer Management System over other vendors. When DealerBuilt DMS went head-to-head with other DMS solutions: DealerBuilt was their only choice! Contact or call (888) 808-0733 to find out more.