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Client Success Stories

It was an easy decision! When looking for a Automotive DMS Software, I wanted a system that would mirror our way of doing business. DealerBuilt offered changes to their system that we needed to operate at the same level of customer satisfaction that we have always had.

Greg Albertson

Chief Information Officer, Roush Honda

DealerBuilt had a process that adapted to our needs. We didn’t have to change our processes to meet the requirements of the Dealership Management System package.

Andy Graff

Group Vice President, Galpin Motors

We changed to DealerBuilt after 35 years with a major DMS system. DealerBuilt’s flexibility, value, open integration with other systems, and centralized accounting function were key reasons for our change.

Eric Gosch

Owner, Gosch Auto Group

Personally, I have spent more time using DealerBuilt in two weeks than I spent using my legacy DMS in four years.

Paul Mullane

Dealer, Mullane Motors, Inc.

LightYear is the best solution for a dealership wanting to take control of their DMS situation.

Shane Schuenemeyer

CFO, Lindsay Automotive Group

It was a very easy conversion to DealerBuilt’s LightYear DMS because our PC’s were already in place. We would select DealerBuilt again in a nanosecond!

Phil Marshall

Group CFO, Galpin Motors

I would just like to say Thanks, Dealerbuilt! Our dealership was on a legacy system before changing to LightYear. We looked at a lot of other DMS’s and LightYear kept coming to the top of the list. Before, we easily spent 1000’s of hours dedicated to getting data out of our legacy system so we could connect it with our own internal data. Now, we can spend that time on more important matters, like using our data to make money. We have live access to all of our DMS data and we’re able to link it directly to our internal data. This isn’t something you will ever be able to do with a legacy system.

Donavon Page

Director of Information Technology, Haselwood Auto Group

Since we teamed up with DealerBuilt back in October of 2011, we have been very impressed with the value we have received. Being tied for years to one of the “big two” we were a bit nervous about switching. We were pleasantly surprised with transition, functionality, and integration of DealerBuilt’s LightYear DMS. We are also thrilled with the fact that the team at DealerBuilt is and has been very eager to listen to and follow through on our needs as a dealership. I would recommend DealerBuilt to anyone who is sick of being over-charged and strangled by convoluted and misleading contracts. Look at DealerBuilt to solve your DMS needs.

Sean T. Lawlor

General Manager, Papa’s Dodge Inc., New Britain, CT