The BEST In The Industry

Carrie Meo

Vice President of Fixed Operations, Darlings Group

“I am able to do more in 3 months with DealerBuilt than I was able to do in 5 years with my previous system.”

Bernie Perri

General Manager, Norm Reeves Toyota

“I really think the biggest asset is the flexibility of the system and the support team behind it. It really allows you to get whatever it is you need to run your business successfully.”

Chris Barthal

Fixed Ops Manager, The Car Group

“DealerBuilt is super intuitive, nothing to memorize, very easy to use. If you can use a mouse, you can use this system.”

Phil Marshall

Group CFO, Galpin Motors

“It was a very easy conversion to DealerBuilt’s LightYear DMS because our PC’s were already in place. We would select DealerBuilt again in a nanosecond!”

Some Of Our Customers

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