Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of those we are fortunate enough to meet by utilizing our time, talents, and resources.


We provide hundreds of dealers and dealer groups with a DMS that empowers their staff to build processes best for them — encompassing a system centered around the most cherished dealer asset — their customer.

“Everyone in this Company has a purpose, and it’s incumbent upon the leaders of this Company to not only make sure the work we do has meaning, but more importantly that your work is valued.” – Mike Trasatti


1983 John had an idea he implemented to improve a dealership’s profitability through technology (back then a spreadsheet).

Concept matured over the years with John and his team as he grabbed an Apple MacBook and a database, adding new features and testing them at his dealership — eventually forming the LightYear DMS…

a long story short…

2008 John, Mike and Frank formed DealerBuilt from LightYear’s  humble beginning with a mission to elevate choices dealers have when selecting a DMS.

2009 Revamped LightYear to be enterprise-centric (fancy phrase for being able to handle complex dealership groups under a single, scalable platform) — Introduced LightYear’s scalability by installing the DMS in two large dealer groups looking for something better…

We never looked back.


Today, billions of dollars transact through the LightYear DMS by the best dealership operators in the US — supporting thousands of users.

“It’s amazing what you can do in the middle of a cornfield!” -John Hosmer

Core Values

Be Passionate

Nothing in life is worth doing without passion.  We seek those passionate about technology, automotive, and most importantly about life. That passion endures us through the inevitable challenges to be the best.

Provide a Purpose

Live each day with a purpose.  We believe that an individual’s purpose is key to freeing the mind to be the best you can be — in whatever you wish to achieve.

Be Humble

We believe humility is a sign of strength.  It’s in those moments where humility can cut to the chase and truly elevate how to improve one’s self to be a better person.

Seek the Extraordinary

With humility comes the understanding that we believe everyone has talents; even amongst our competitors.  At our core, we believe ordinary people can do extraordinary things.  Execution to us is everything!

Treat with Respect

We treat our dealers the way we wish to be treated.  Regardless of differences, respecting others truly resolves, improves, and fosters great relationships.  We believe being a dealer advocate will develop a mutual respect and admiration for success.

Empower Others

We are fortunate to live in a great country; a symbol of success instilled by empowering the individual to freely choose their path.  With this same spirit, each individual at DealerBuilt is empowered, individually to solve problems, and more importantly, to empower those around them to be better than themselves.

Create Value

Seems redundant to state, ‘create value’ as a Core Value.  For us, it will forever remain our guiding force.  The belief that creating value can only bring about options that may not otherwise be afforded you, personally and professionally.

Have Fun

Life is short, borrowed time in many ways.  We hope to instill a sense of fun, to enjoy each day as best as possible.  We understand the importance of family, faith, and priorities.



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