Full Throttle

Full Throttle is an affordable service that fetches Independent Automotive Shop Data from dozens of shop management systems.


First developed in 2002, DMSconnect has continuously evolved and is widely recognized as the most advanced data gateway application, connecting Dealership Management Systems to third party application providers, with bidirectional and real-time data integration “push” and “pull” technology.

Digital Dealership System

The Digital Dealership System offers the most comprehensive suite of managed digital sign and kiosk solutions for the modern dealership. Increase store profitability, retention and boost CSI with a full-store, integrated digital sign solution.

DealerVault (Authenticom)

DealerVault® by Authenticom™ provides transparency and control through an easy-to-use web interface featuring single-click feed activation, deactivation and field customization. Send only the data that’s necessary and send it quickly. We know your time is valuable and the security of your data is important to your business.

Better Resource (KMS Resource)

KMSResource was created to help address the increasing costs of the day to day activities for small to medium sized businesses. We provide software solutions to help your business cut costs and focus on the bottom line.