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Client Testimonials

“The foundation of DealerBuilt lays the solid groundwork for us to be able to take care of customers the way we want to, instead of the way the DMS wants to.” Watch the video

Colin Sewell, President, The Sewell Family of Companies

“We wanted something that was flexible, had great reporting tools, and the data was our own, and DealerBuilt’s Lightyear system met all of our requirements. We wanted a company that we felt had a process with their software that would adapt to our needs, not a company who we would have to change our process to meet the requirements of the software.” Watch the video

Andy Graff, Group Vice President, Galpin Ford

“We wanted something that was fairly easy, worked in all departments so that it was seamless whether you were in Parts, Service, Sales, or our Accounting department, and when we found DealerBuilt we were ecstatic to find this type of a product… for multiple dealership, multiple store franchises, it has everything that we were looking for.” Watch the video

Carrie Mao, Vice President of Fixed Operations, Darlings Group

“DealerBuilt really shines when it comes to installs. So many dealers fear this part of making a DMS switch, but DealerBuilt made it an amazingly smooth process.” 

Chris McGrath, CFO, McGrath Automotive Group

“It’s a DMS platform that supports our dealership’s specific needs and processes, and it easily integrates with the other modern software solutions that we want to use.” 

John Cross, Controller, Central City and Ardmore Toyota

“We moved to DealerBuilt after 35 years with a major DMS. DealerBuilt’s flexibility, value, open integration with other systems, and centralized accounting function were key reasons for our change.”

Eric Gosch, Owner, Gosch Auto Group

“DealerBuilt is super intuitive, nothing to memorize, very easy to use.”

Chris Barthel, VP of Fixed Operations, The CAR Group