Company Overview

Over the years, the automotive business has hit plenty of speed bumps.

New technologies were brought in to increase department efficiency, speed up deals, and help grow the business. But the reality was that all that technology just wasn’t built by people who knew the business best. Dealers were left with lots of quicky, difficult systems that only seemed to slow things down.

That's when one dealer-owner with CPA background decided to build a program that works the way dealers do.

In 1996, John Hosmer created a solution that compared leasing and retails deals. What started with a single spreadsheet eventually became a  fully loaded DMS that dealers actually wanted to use.

Meanwhile, other industry veterans were building smarter systems, too.

Oplogic brought a purpose-built CRM to the automotive industry, Vistadash was designed to give dealers a clear view into their marketing spend. And iService was developed to help dealerships and car owners communicate more effectively.

DealerBuilt All for One

Today, DealerBuilt is bringing these brands together to give dealers a true enterprise solution.

Our team of industry veterans are helping some of the biggest and most successful dealerships work their way across departments and rooftops. We’re fueled by dealer feedback, so customers get just what they need to up their game. And our hands-on approach means you can do it all without having to do it all yourself.

DealerBuilt. Make Way For YOUR WAY.™