How to Adapt Customer Experience Strategy in Times of Uncertainty

Pre-COVID-19, the fixed ops department was already rising to the forefront of dealership revenue opportunities. Now, with consumers holding onto their vehicles longer, new car sales down, and social distancing needing to be maintained, how do dealerships maximize their revenue potential?

Find out how leading dealerships are refining and improving the customer service experience in the fixed ops department as this has become critical to retaining customers and earning new business, even more so in times of uncertainty. In addition, hear the latest strategies and opinions regarding how consumer behavior may permanently change as a result of COVID-19 and how dealerships’ fixed ops departments are adapting their technology strategy to meet the demands of modern tech-enabled customers.

Watch the recorded webcast to:

  • Learn how to maintain customer relationships during uncertain times
  • Discover ways to capitalize on each customer service drive visit
  • Explore strategies to minimize physical touch points for the customer

This webcast was originally recorded on May 14, 2020 in partnership with Digital Dealer.