Highly-Seasoned Install Teams

DealerBuilt has completed hundreds of successful DMS installs across the US and collectively, our install team has 25+ decades of retail automotive experience.

Expertise for Each Department

Every install team is comprised of “car people” with experience working in the department they are responsible for training and coaching during your install.

Flexibility to Install Remotely

While having an install team on-site is best practice, if preferred, DealerBuilt offers the flexibility to conduct a fully-remote training and install process.

Attention to Detail

From detailed extraction and migration of your data, to programming of custom reports and F&I forms, our team ensures you have a complete picture of your data and all the tools you need when you go live on Lightyear™.

Tailored Training

Training focuses on each department’s unique needs, and each dealership’s onboarding training leverages the client’s own Lightyear DMS environment and data, which ensures training is highly relevant and enhances staff’s learning.

Rapid Proficiency

Live web-based training, 24/7 sandbox access so staff can gain system experience, and on-site training just before and during go-live week ensure staff are quickly proficient in Lightyear and focused on serving customers.

DealerBuilt Install Process