Run your dealership, your way


DealerBuilt offers clients the option of hosting their Lightyear™ DMS platform in a secure and fully-dedicated cloud environment. While an on-premises install is also available for dealerships that have the internal IT resources to deploy and support it, our DMS hosting services provide clients with the advantages of a reduced and more predictable total cost of ownership, as well as ease of implementation and worry-free maintenance.

World-Class Hosting Partner

Equip your team with the resources they need to cultivate strong relationships with new and existing customers, improve deal efficiency and profitability, and deliver an engaging, modern customer experience while staying compliant.

Robust Performance and Reliability

Maximize the revenue potential of fixed ops, drive efficiency and streamline processes between your Parts and Service departments, and deliver an outstanding service experience that exceeds the expectations of today’s tech-enabled customer.

Reduced, More Predictable IT Costs

With the industry’s most robust enterprise accounting capabilities, leverage Lightyear to centralize your business operations, arm your team with tools that save them significant time, and gain clear visibility into financial performance.

Reduced Upfront and Long-Term IT Costs

  • No cost to purchase and maintain server hardware or software
  • Additional internal IT staff not necessary for hosted server administration, upgrades, maintenance, backups, security, or monitoring
  • Reduced and more predictable total cost of ownership (TCO) due to significant reduction in costs associated with equipment issues or failure
  • Clients can move infrastructure costs from CapEx to OpEx, allowing them to be more agile in their pursuit of new opportunities

Robust Performance and Reliability

  • Advanced hosting facilities featuring N+1 core applications, availability zones, data center access monitoring and review, and environmental protection
  • No worries about performance bottlenecks or upgrades
  • Can scale up quickly for new demands or growth, so high performance levels are maintained even as client needs evolve
  • Use of standardized, proven server configurations underpinned by optimized hardware results in predictable, stable performance
  • Predictive high-availability and hot spare hardware in place that delivers improved availability

Data Security

  • Understand each customer’s buying habits and loyalty to your dealership with a consolidated view of each customer relationship across all departments and stores
  • Place the right value on trade-ins, better showcase online inventory, and help customers find their perfect vehicle with VIN decoding powered by Black Book
  • Enable better sales conversations and help your team align the customer with a car they can afford with integration with 700Credit or your preferred consumer pre-qualification partner

Rapid Deployment and Support

  • No server equipment to purchase
  • Eliminates burden on internal IT resources
  • Quick initial solution deployment for faster realization of client’s return on investment in Lightyear DMS, plus ease of implementation for new services and environments

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  • Flexible disaster recovery options ensure protection and recovery of vital data and environments
  • Hosting can include near-real-time replication of production environment and data to a geographically disparate disaster recovery site
  • Daily full database and transactional-level backups


  • DealerBuilt routinely undergoes third-party audits to test and validate our strict security controls, including:
    • Vulnerability testing completed at least quarterly, mitigating all findings and retesting
    • Penetration testing at least annually, mitigating all findings and retesting
    • Annual security program audit, with quarterly review of results