Why customers love us.


    Paul Mullane, DealerAndy Graff | Vice PresidentEric Gosch
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    Personally, I have spent more time using DealerBuilt in two weeks than I spent using my legacy DMS in four years.

    Paul Mullane, Dealer
    Mullane Motors, Inc.
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    DealerBuilt had a process that adapted to our needs. We didn't have to change our processes to meet the requirements of the DMS package.

    Andy Graff | Vice President
    Group Vice President, Galpin Motors, World's LARGEST Ford Dealer
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    We changed to DealerBuilt after 35 years with a major DMS system. DealerBuilt’s flexibility, value, open integration with other systems, and centralized accounting function were key reasons for our change.
    Eric Gosch
    Gosch Auto Group