Grapevine, Texas, December 7, 2021  DealerBuilt,   an enterprise Dealer Management System (DMS) provider for retail automobile dealerships, today announced that its Lightyear DMS has been certified by premium automaker BMW of North America (BMW NA) for Retail Delivery Reporting (RDR) integration and will proceed to release to all locations shortly.

Lightyear is DealerBuilt’s modern, highly customizable platform that can be precisely tailored to a dealership’s unique business processes and enterprise transaction and reporting requirements. This latest integration helps to reduce the time and effort required to report a vehicle sale. Dealers will no longer have to leave the Lightyear DMS and re-enter information into the BMW portal. The RDR information will automatically submit directly to BMW NA from Lightyear, saving time and reducing errors by eliminating re-keying of data.

To date, DealerBuilt has completed integration of the following certified interfaces with BMW of North America: Parts Invoice, Repair Order, Parts Activity, Parts Disposition, Parts Inventory, Parts Order, Parts Return, Monthly Workshop Report, Financial Statement, Customer Information, Service Appointment, Parts Shipment, and Vehicle Invoice. This latest integration adds Retail Delivery Reporting.

“At DealerBuilt, we always work hard to advocate for our dealers and ensure they have the very best technology integrations. The DealerBuilt Lightyear DMS RDR integration will save BMW dealers time and money, help speed up daily processes, and eliminate loss of data, while also removing other inefficiencies,” said Veronica Dunford, Executive Vice President of Business Development, DealerBuilt.

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About DealerBuilt

DealerBuilt is an enterprise Dealer Management System (DMS) provider for retail automobile dealerships. With a philosophy of refusing to lock dealers into long-term contracts and working with vendors of any size for ease of integrations, DealerBuilt is perhaps best known as a strong dealer advocate. Founded by a CPA who owned dealerships, DealerBuilt has a deep understanding of the automotive market challenges and demands and enterprise dealer accounting complexities.

The company’s LightyearTM DMS platform enables dealerships and dealer groups nationwide to fully customize and leverage technology to effectively operate their business, optimize the customer experience, and drive profitability. Located in Grapevine, TX, and Mason City, IA, DealerBuilt has enjoyed steady growth as automobile dealers seek a more modern, flexible alternative to traditional market offerings. It empowers dealers to exceed the expectations of today’s tech-enabled customer. For more information about DealerBuilt, call (888) 808-0733 or visit