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The Industry’s Only Modern & Personalized Enterprise Retail Cloud – Lightyear is Built by Dealers for Dealers

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The Industry’s Only Enterprise
Accounting Platform

Gives you a drill-down view into your performance – at the rooftop, store, and transaction level.

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Built on a single
SQL Database

It’s your data, and DealerBuilt is built to give you open access to it – for APIs, reporting, and anything else you need.

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Single-Screen UX

Faster data entry, easier lookups, and quicker ramp-up for new employees.

Gain A Competitive Advantage

  • Enterprise and remote accounting that handles high volume transactions and multiple stores with ease
  • single customer record across the enterprise 
  • Moving and selling cars and parts across stores
  • Go anywhere and see/do anything from the enterprise view to the transaction detail in one screen
  • The ultimate in permission control to not see, see, or edit by store, department, role, user, screen, and field
  • And, it’s all included in the core solution as personalized configurations, so the solution works for you, not the other way around
Equip your team with the resources they need to cultivate strong relationships with new and existing customers, improve deal efficiency and profitability, and deliver an engaging, modern customer experience while staying compliant.
Maximize the revenue potential of fixed ops, drive efficiency and streamline processes between your Parts and Service departments, and deliver an outstanding service experience that exceeds the expectations of today’s tech-enabled customer.

With the industry’s most robust enterprise accounting capabilities, leverage Lightyear to centralize your business operations, arm your team with tools that save them significant time, and gain clear visibility into financial performance.

The foundation of DealerBuilt lays the solid groundwork for us to be able to take care of customers the way we want to, instead of the way the DMS wants to.

Collin Sewell
President, The Sewell Family of Companies

Why Switch to the Lightyear DMS Platform?

Rely on a DMS that empowers, not constrains

Our flexible platform technology empowers each client to realize their unique vision for their dealership. Lightyear precisely conforms to your desired business processes and enterprise reporting requirements.

Leverage your data and preferred technologies

With Lightyears open integration platform, clients can build their preferred dealer tech stack and freely leverage their data to streamline business processes and enhance the customer experience.

Invest in a system of engagement, not just recordkeeping

Lightyear is the industry’s only DMS platform, with built-in customer experience tools that enhance the customer’s end-to-end journey and drive fixed ops revenue. Eliminate the cost of licensing these tools separately and extend the value of your DMS as a system of engagement.

Gain real-time visibility and actionable insights

Lightyear aggregates data across all departments, providing clients with holistic, real-time visibility across dealership operations and performance and enabling more strategic decision making.

Sales and F&I

Modernize the Sales Experience and Drive Profitability

  • Enable a modern, frictionless sales experience for your customers, with the ability to conduct a remote F&I presentation and digital signing ceremony anytime, anywhere
  • Understand each customer’s buying habits and loyalty to your dealership with a consolidated view of each customer relationship across all departments and stores
  • Avoid profit leaks with a real-time view of each deal – including acquisition costs, reconditioning, accessories, and services – whether completed or in-process
  • Assess sales performance and identify problem areas impacting profitability with dashboard views and customizable, real-time reports

Parts & Service

Maximize Efficiency & Fixed Ops Revenue

  • Enhance the customer’s experience and drive fixed ops revenue with a wide range of built-in customer experience tools, including online appointment scheduling, mobile check-in and payment, video and photo-enabled MPIs, text updates, and more
  • Accelerate RO creation with an intuitive, mobile-enabled write-up screen that includes a one-stop view of service history and real-time parts availability
  • Automate receipting, cycle counts, and physical inventory and labeling with our integrated scan-based parts inventory management tool

Enterprise Accounting

Centralize Business Operations and Save Time

  • Meet multi-company/multi-franchise group needs, with the ability to support multiple GLs within a single, integrated environment and roll up reporting as desired
  • Maximize efficiency – whether posting new deals or managing payables/receivables, everything needed is all on one screen
  • Save significant time and ensure accuracy when posting complex transactions with the solution’s highly-configurable auto-accounting feature
  • Rapidly locate critical details with powerful search capabilities – search by schedule, control, account, date range, keyword, and more


Streamline Payroll Processes and Manage Year-end with Ease

  • Centralize payroll processes for multi-company or multi-franchise groups with support for use of multiple EINs
  • Tailor the solution to your dealership’s unique needs, with an unlimited number of pay items and deductions and flexible tech time configurations
  • Eliminate paper trails and simplify employee time and attendance tracking with the solution’s web-based timeclock
  • Save time on tax preparation with auto-population of tax forms and e-filing via deep Aatrix integration


Get a One-stop View of Your Most Important Metrics

  • Enjoy real-time access to the most relevant KPIs needed to understand trends and manage performance, with role-based dashboards for GMs and department managers
  • For multi-store groups, easily compare new/used sales pace, parts and service pace, year-over-year trends, and more across all rooftops
  • Avoid surprises and troubleshoot issues with configurable exception reporting
  • Share metrics via email, as well as print or export to Excel, making it easy to communicate information across your team

Integration Platform

Freely Leverage Your Data and Preferred Technologies

  • Securely connect Lightyear with data, devices, and other applications in the cloud and on-premises
  • Easily integrate new technologies via real-time API interfaces or scheduled batch export of data
  • Take advantage of DealerBuilt’s growing network of 200+ integration and channel partners that represent best-in-class solutions and OEMs

Some of the Biggest, Most Successful Dealer Groups in the Country Rely on DealerBuilt

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We moved to DealerBuilt after 35 years with a major DMS. DealerBuilt’s flexibility, value, open integration with other systems, and centralized accounting function were key reasons for our change.

Eric Gosch
Owner, Gosch Auto Group

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DealerBuilt’s Lightyear DMS solution is relied upon by forward-looking dealers and dealer groups to realize their unique vision for their dealership, with:

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