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We hear from dealers how hard it is to keep track of everything that goes into marketing a dealership. With everything that goes into your digital marketing, shouldn’t you have a reporting tool that helps you understand what’s working and what’s wasting your time and money? Vistadash is more than just a reporting tool, it’s a system that can help you compile your data and turn it into actionable insights—no matter what size your dealership is.

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What is Vistadash Analytics?

Vistadash Analytics is a live view that shows what is happening on your website and how your campaigns are performing. A custom-built Vistadash GTM container is used to track website engagement and conversions. Vistadash Analytics features over 2,500 URL tagged and report standardization along with easy-to-understand of visitor engagements and conversions data.

Vistadash Product Suite Features

Engagement Data

It’s not just about the numbers with Vistadash, it’s about putting them to work for your dealership.

Online Traffic

Avoid a traffic jam with this feature and get key takeaways that can help show you where to spend your marketing dollars effectively.

Social Media

Having it all in one place so you can measure, compare, and engage your online communities.


You can get a clear view of your success rate quickly and adjust your game plan accordingly with this feature.

Vendor Partner

Get key insights into what vendors or partners are doing for you so you can properly plan your budget.

Vistadash GM

The Vistadash GM Dashboard brings together analytical components that GMs need to help them make better marketing and operations decisions.

Why Vistadash?

Vistadash is a cloud computing software tool designed for automotive executives, that consolidates vendor data to make decisions based on insights and trends reported by the software.

Developed with the feedback of dealers across the country, Vistadash is a vendor-neutral company created to help dealers manage their human resources, processes, and marketing investments.

The Vistadash software platform is a stand-alone product that is open to any dealership. Vistadash is designed to be the standard for automotive data warehousing providing valuable insights to the dealers who use the software.

Vistadash Services

  • Vistadash Analytics
  • SEM Overview
  • SEO Overview
  • Social Overview
  • Inventory Insights
  • Service Report
  • Enterprise Dashboard
  • GM Dashboard
  • CRM Overview
  • Third-Party Analysis
  • Traditional Media Overview
  • Vendor Reports
  • Consulting Packages

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What Our Clients Have To Say About Vistadash Analytics

There are many products that promise to revolutionize our multi-million-dollar budgets, but the only one that delivers that Holy Grail for us is Vistadash. The ability to show which channels and vendors bring us prospects that actually engage with our website is the final chapter of the story we’ve been dying to read. It’s the difference between knowing your gross and net, intelligence versus guesswork!

Patrick D.

General Manager, Chicago Northside Toyota

VistaDash has been a game-changer for our dealership group since 2019. Before it, juggling multiple dashboards and reports for each vendor was time-consuming and inefficient. With VistaDash, everything is in one place. I can easily track campaigns, analyze engagement, and make informed decisions, saving us time and money. It has streamlined our marketing efforts across 26 rooftops and 29 brands. I highly recommend VistaDash for powerful and efficient marketing analytics. It’s been a lifesaver for us and will deliver great results for others too. Try it and see the difference!

Ebony M.

Senior Advisor, DePaula Ford

What I find most valuable about Vistadash is that it enables our team to monitor the quality of our online marketing campaigns based upon engagement. With this insight, amongst other things, our team becomes empowered to modify or eliminate underperforming campaigns early on to eradicate waste and to improve the efficiency of our advertising.

Matt L.

Service Director, Clawson Honda

With Vistadash, what you get is a powerful arsenal of information with support from our team of specialists, all in one place, which allows you to be more dynamic with your marketing budgets.