Oplogic CRM

The Comprehensive Solution for Automotive Dealers

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A Robust Suite of Solutions

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Connecting Dealers with Customers


Optimizing Operations

protecting dealership

Protecting Your Dealership


Measuring Results

customer trust

Enhancing Customer Trust

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A Robust Suite of Solutions

  • Connecting Dealers with Customers
  • Optimizing Operations
  • Protecting Your Dealership
  • Measuring Results
  • Enhancing Customer Trust

Oplogic CRM: The Solution for Dealership Success

Discover the power of Oplogic CRM and transform your dealership into a thriving, efficient, and secure operation.

Streamlined Operations

Simplify your dealership management with Oplogic’s user-friendly interface, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Enhanced Desking Tool

Optimize pricing, payments, and scenarios with a robust desking tool that integrates with select manufacturers for real-time rates, rebates, residuals, and nationwide inventory views.

Data and Equity Mining

Uncover valuable insights from CRM data and real-time repair order information, identifying customers in ideal equity positions for targeted campaigns.

Fraud Detection and Compliance

Protect your dealership with fraud detection features and compliance measures, ensuring security and customer trust.

Data Accuracy and Integrity

Ensure accurate customer data with advanced auto-merge capabilities, eliminating duplicates and improving data quality.

Real-time Performance Tracking

Monitor showroom and deal activity in real-time, enabling data-driven decision-making and measuring success easily.

The Right Tools to Empower You

Oplogic, the comprehensive suite of solutions you’ve been searching for. With Oplogic, you’ll experience seamless integration, enhanced efficiency, and unmatched customization to build revenue and increase profit margins.

drivers license scan

Patented driver’s license scanning for enhanced dealership security – mitigate fraud risks and build trust with customers

call tracking

Comprehensive call tracking with automatic caller ID and link to customer record

Easy to use

Enhanced user experience with an easy to use, intuitive interface

Why Settle for a Hodgepodge of Software Solutions that Don’t Work Seamlessly Together?

Choose Oplogic for an all-in-one solution that streamlines your dealership operations, boosts your revenue, and enhances your customers’ experience