Modern, Centralized & Accurate


Streamline payroll processes

  • Tailor the solution to your dealership’s unique needs, with an unlimited number of pay items and deductions and flexible tech time configurations
  • Eliminate paper trails and simplify employee time and attendance tracking with the solution’s web-based timeclock
  • Provide employees with easy online and mobile access to paystubs via optional integration with Paperless Pay Corporation

Gain visibility and ensure payroll accuracy

  • Centralize payroll processes for multi-company or multi-franchise groups with support for use of multiple EINs
  • Leverage our library of standard reports that help your staff review, validate, and reconcile payroll for accuracy
  • Get the precise information you need regarding employees’ compensation and your dealership’s payroll tax liability with custom reporting

Manage payroll tax and year-end processes with ease

  • Save time on tax preparation with auto-population of tax forms and e-filing via deep Aatrix integration
  • Help ensure payroll processing stays up-to-date and compliant, with email reminders regarding year-end changes to tax requirements, testing of W-2s and 1099s, and more
  • Simplify tax season with an annual one-on-one consultation with our Support team to ensure staff know exactly where to find data and reports for tax preparation
  • Leverage our interface with Payroll Tax People, giving your dealership the option to engage third-party support to schedule, pay, balance, and file payroll taxes

Find out why we’re the different DMS

DealerBuilt’s DMS solution is relied upon by forward-looking dealers and dealer groups to realize their unique vision for their dealership, with:

  • Modern, highly-customizable platform technology
  • Built-in customer experience tools
  • Advanced DMS enterprise accounting software capabilities
  • Flexible integration platform
Dealership with document management with DealerBuilt