Simple, Intuitive, and Efficient

Document Management

Doc Mgmt product shot
DealerBuilt Document Management is integrated into our Lightyear solution. This solution will provide a significant decrease in manual scanning and instant peace of mind that your documents are safeguarded and compliant with records retention requirements.
  • Automatically archive key documents without having to print and scan.
  • Easily search for retained documents directly in Lightyear.
  • Scan documents into the digital archive to capture wet signatures.
  • Control how your documents are archived through our flexible setups.

Key Documents Automatically Archived

Sales and F&I

  • Deal Recaps
  • Write-Ups
  • Payment Details
  • Disclosures
  • Due Bills

Fixed Operations

  • Work Orders
  • Customer Invoice
  • Accounting Invoice
  • Internal Warranty
  • Service Contract
  • Estimates
  • Counter Tickets


  • AR Statements
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Cash Receipts
  • Checks
  • Purchase Orders

Typical Document Retention Challenges

  • Existing scanning solutions that don’t tie into your DMS and require a lot of manual overhead.
  • Boxes and boxes of paper piled up in storage rooms or warehouse facilities.
  • Time-consuming searches for needed files.
  • Compliance violations or security breaches that can pose significant financial risk.