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What Prevents Car Dealerships from Creating Stronger Relationships with Their Customers?

Anyone who has ever needed their vehicle repaired knows the answer: lack of trust. It’s a problem that dealerships have had no defense against for decades. The customer doesn’t trust the dealership because they can’t see behind the scenes and don’t understand what is going on under the hood of their vehicle, so they are left to take the Service Advisor’s word for it. And on the other side, how are dealerships supposed to earn their customer’s trust and retain their business in the age of skepticism? This concern is why founder Tandon Noplos and a talented team of automotive and technology professionals created iService.
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What is iService?

The iService Product Suite is a toolset of technology solutions for car dealerships to streamline their internal processes and build a bridge to their customers to retain their business. Utilizing mobile devices and proprietary software, iService facilitates a transparent and rewarding experience for both the customer and the dealership.

iService Product Suite Features

DMS Integration

iService integrates with select dealer management systems so that your workflow is frictionless.

Dashboard For Each Department

Managers, Advisors, the Parts Department, and Sales all have their own dashboards that show them only what they need to be productive, and our color-coded tracking system helps prevent bottlenecks.

Customer Text And Internal Messaging

Advisors can directly text customers, and all roles have access to iService’s proprietary internal messaging system.

Mobile Authorization

Customers can authorize their visit with a swipe of their finger.

Digital MPI

After performing the Digital MPI on their device, the Technician sends it to the customer.

MPI Video

After recording the Video MPI on their device, the Technician sends it to the customer.

Interactive Quoting

The interactive digital quote passes through each department and then gets sent to the customer’s cell phone, where they can approve or deny the recommended work.

Mobile Payment

After performing the Digital MPI on their device, the Technician sends it to the customer.

Robust Reporting

All interactions in the system are logged and compiled into various reports for your reference.

Why iService?

Increase Profit by Doing “Good Business”

Although the core functionality is based on innovative technology and tailored to increase profit, the heart of iService is built with communication and great service in mind. iService isn’t confusing software that gets in your way. It’s the opposite, a tool that you use to fine-tune your dealership and connect with your customers.

iService is Turnkey. We Supply:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Training
  • Support

What Dealers Have To Say About iService

Last month, we finished number 1 in the nation. That’s a direct result of using iService. In addition to that, we actually increased our growth profit by over 30% using the product.

Jim G.
General Manager, Chicago Northside Toyota
Customers love it! The first customer this morning bought everything on the list. Also, I’ve actually been impressed with all the techs. I was concerned the customer videos would be choppy, but they were not.
Crystal B.
Senior Advisor, DePaula Ford
Any shop will be able to use iService. To me, this is a money making machine.
Robert H.
Service Director, Clawson Honda

Our Mission Is To Bridge The Gap Between Dealerships And Car Owners Through Effective Communication And Streamlined Processes.

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