October 27, 2022,

ST. LOUIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Dealer-Pay, a specialist payments and point-of-sale provider for dealerships, has announced their alignment with DealerBuilt, a leading dealer management system in the automotive industry. This integration provides DealerBuilt with Dealer-Pay’s advanced payment tools that can be used across the entire dealership department to capture frictionless customer payments.

Dealer-Pay’s payment tools enable employees in all departments of the dealership to safely record payments in multiple ways, making the process as convenient as possible for the customer. This addition is highly successful, as it retrieves data “real-time” from DealerBuilt to use for business and consumer payment acceptance. Julie Douglas, President/ CEO of Dealer-Pay elaborates, “We are thrilled to provide integrated payment acceptance to DealerBuilt’s dealership customers as an enhancement to their state-of-the-art retail DMS platform.”

The technology offers real-time data that encompasses the consumer information and Repair Order, Parts Ticket or Deals details, as well as amounts owed. Customers can pay in person, through text/email hosted links, online, and more. The technology relationship between Dealer-Pay and DealerBuilt is a series of application programming interactions designed to increase user productivity, reduce data entry/errors, and reduce chargebacks in each department.

“Our technology and customer success objectives at DealerBuilt are similar to those of Dealer-Pay. We both are dealer advocates focused on providing our dealers with choices when choosing their vendor partners. We aim to provide the tools needed to foster strong relationships and increase deal efficiency and profitability. Both our companies are recognized industry wide as providing cutting-edge software solutions designed to exceed customer expectations,” explains Veronica Dunford, EVP of Strategic Partnerships.

Dealer-Pay links every transaction back to the DMS at the end of the business day, providing an exception report for any unmatched transactions. Ericka Stoeger, current customer and Controller of Cornhusker Auto Center in Norfolk, Nebraska endorses, “Dealer-Pay offers functionality that saves us a lot of time and energy. Our users can access data in real-time, which makes reconciling it a breeze.”

Dealer-Pay’s Point-of-Sale solutions provide modern payment acceptance to dealers, both franchised and independent, single location, and enterprises alike. The DealerBuilt integration not only enhances the effectiveness of Dealer-Pay’s POS system, but also positions dealers using DealerBuilt’s DMS to have the best payment options available.

About Dealer-Pay: Dealer-Pay provides modern and “dealer-specific” payment acceptance and point-of-sale technology, serving both franchise and independent dealers nationwide. Dealer-Pay has over 23 years’ experience in the space and is expanding with strategic development and integrations. Dealer-Pay’s parent company, Convenient Brands, is a portfolio company of New York-based private investment firm, The Beekman Group. Call 800.226.1007 or visit https://www.dealer-pay.com/

About DealerBuilt: DealerBuilt is an enterprise Dealer Management System (DMS) provider for retail automobile dealerships. With a philosophy of refusing to lock dealers into long-term contracts and working with vendors of any size for ease of integration, DealerBuilt is perhaps best known as a strong dealer advocate. Founded by a CPA who owned dealerships, DealerBuilt has a deep understanding of the automotive market challenges and demands and enterprise dealer accounting complexities. For more information about DealerBuilt, call (888) 808-0733 or visit https://dealerbuilt.com/