GRAPEVINE, Texas, Aug. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vistadash is excited to announce they have been chosen by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) to power the organization’s digital 20 Group analytics platform.

The Vistadash platform provides automotive digital data warehousing, as well as valuable insights to dealers who use the software when managing their digital presence. Developed with feedback from dealers across the country, Vistadash is a vendor-neutral company that helps dealers manage their marketing investments and processes online.

This relationship is a perfect collaboration with aligned core values that aid the dealer in becoming a better operator.Tweet this

“The goal of our relationship is to help dealers analyze their digital marketing metrics and produce more meaningful insights, helping them to better understand the digital landscape” says Dan Moore, president of Vistadash. “Given all the noise around digital marketing, dealers are constantly faced with the question, ‘Is what I am doing working?’ With our technology, we are able to create an apples-to-apples comparison for NADA 20 Group members, taking the confusion out and giving them data they can rely on to make decisions.”

As an advocate for the nation’s franchised new-car and -truck dealers, NADA is equally committed to supporting the success of dealerships.

“NADA education is aimed at driving dealership success,” said NADA 20 Group Consultant and Digital Analytics Specialist James Dodd. “The goal of our education is to offer dealers the best practices and tools, including financial, digital and operational analysis tools, that will enhance their performance financially and operationally.”

To Moore, this relationship provides new opportunities: “NADA 20 Groups help dealers improve their dealership’s overall performance and assist dealers with organizing their digital data and providing a view of how their marketing is performing. This relationship is a perfect collaboration with aligned core values that aid the dealer in becoming a better operator.”

NADA selected Vistadash as their digital data provider given its ability to organize 20 Group members’ Google Analytics metrics, by tracking consumer engagement on a dealer’s website. These metrics are compiled into 20 Group composites, where they are comparable with other group member’s performance. The comparison provides actionable insights and best practices that members can then incorporate in their digital and operational strategies. With Google Analytics 4 coming next year, NADA and Vistadash look to further educate dealers on how to properly setup and categorize metrics that provide predictive outcomes.

“The relationship has great synergy,” says Moore. “Vistadash provides a tool that enables NADA 20 Group members to spend more time solving problems and less time chasing data.”

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