DENVER, Jan. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DealerPeak, the only CRM dedicated to making the industry regain their love of selling cars, today welcomed DealerBuilt, a leading enterprise DMS provider, as its latest direct DMS integration partner leveraging the DealerPeak open API.

This two-way integration with DealerBuilt DMS, means DealerPeak customers and prospects using DealerBuilt will have immediate and seamless integration options without the need for customization. 

“We’re really excited to have DealerBuilt as our newest DMS partner,” said Zach Ferres, Executive Chairman of DealerPeak. “Forward-thinking partners like DealerBuilt understand the powerful change we can make industry-wide if we open up our technology silos and all work together. The combination of DealerBuilt and DealerPeak working seamlessly in dealerships will give these stores a strong foundation to differentiate themselves both from a DMS and CRM standpoint.”

The integration will allow dealerships to communicate between the two platforms – driving more sales, improving customer experience, and finding opportunities to acquire more private inventory.

“DealerBuilt is a modern, customizable DMS platform, and we are excited to bring our API integration with the DealerPeak CRM platform to market. As dealer advocates, our goal is to provide our dealers with choices when selecting their vendor partners,” said Kendall Billman, DealerBuilt’s Chief Strategy Officer. “These choices allow our dealers to choose the tools they need ensuring they continually exceed the expectations of today’s tech-enabled customers and create strong relationships with their customers throughout the car-buying process.”

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About DealerPeak:

DealerPeak’s mission is to help our industry regain our love of selling cars, both for the dealers who sell vehicles and the customers who buy them. We help dealerships use all of the information at their disposal to capture the magic that exists when a customer finds just the right vehicle for their needs. Our best-in-class solutions automate the hard work of relationship building through real-time updates, customized workflows, desking solutions, and more. Our aim is to bring joy back into the process, while helping you contribute to a healthy bottom line. Visit DealerPeak today at

About DealerBuilt:

DealerBuilt is an enterprise Dealer Management System (DMS) provider for retail automobile dealerships. With a philosophy of refusing to lock dealers into long-term contracts and working with vendors of any size for ease of integration, DealerBuilt is perhaps best known as a strong dealer advocate. Founded by a CPA who owned dealerships, DealerBuilt has a deep understanding of the automotive market challenges and demands and enterprise dealer accounting complexities. For more information on DealerBuilt please visit