GRAPEVINE, Texas, Jan. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DealerBuilt, a leading provider of dealer-centric management solutions, proudly announces a series of significant updates and expansions to its platform, set to be showcased at NADA 2024. Under the mantra “Make Way For YOUR WAY,” DealerBuilt reinforces its commitment to enhancing the customer experience with a portfolio of enterprise solutions, seamlessly tying together every aspect of dealership operations while empowering dealers to finally get what they need to run their business their way.

With the acquisitions of iService and Oplogic, DealerBuilt has notably expanded its platform, offering an unrivaled integrated solution for dealer groups. This expansion is intended to deliver on the needs of businesses managing multiple locations, as much of the product direction emerged from working directly with some of the biggest OEM stores and dealership groups.

Acknowledging a critical market gap, DealerBuilt has integrated iService and Oplogic into its flagship Lightyear Dealer Management System (DMS). “Our customers were overwhelmed with the need for multiple tools to handle basic tasks in service and sales,” stated Max Longin, CEO of DealerBuilt. “Our response was to integrate superb solutions into our Lightyear DMS, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency across the board.”

The DealerBuilt brand now encompasses:

This press release marks the launch of DealerBuilt’s integrated Service Lane Customer Experience product via iService and the integrated desking solution through Oplogic. These launches are just the beginning of deeper integrations, aiming to simplify operations and spur growth through advanced efficiencies and automation.

Additionally, DealerBuilt is excited to announce the release of DealerBuilt Payments and DealerBuilt Docs. DealerBuilt Payments offers a seamless payment solution integrated with Lightyear accounting, while DealerBuilt Docs provides an innovative document scanning and archiving solution, allowing for automatic archiving of key documents within the DMS.

“We are stepping into a new era of dealership management,” added Longin. “Our latest offerings are designed to empower dealerships with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving industry.”

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DealerBuilt is a pioneer in providing dealer-centric management solutions, including DMS, CRM, service lane, and analytics tools, designed to enhance operational efficiency and profitability for auto dealerships. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, DealerBuilt continues to lead the way in the automotive industry.

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