Maximize Opportunities, Secure the Best Deals for You and Your Customers

Desking & Customer Experience Management

Boost Vehicle Sales and Enhance Profitability

The Oplogic Desking tool’s real-time algorithm allows your sales team to access the most current rates, rebates and residuals. Instant worksheets for customer approval satisfy the needs and whims of the most discerning shopper. Electronically receive customer authorization and respective customer data to securely upload ‘stip’ documentation.

Oplogic CRM Desking

Optimizing Profitability while Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Full Integration

Optimize your deal-making with seamless integrations between Oplogic Desking and your essential software platforms.

Enhanced Profitability

Explore numerous pricing proposals and vehicle choices within Oplogic Desking software. Compute maximum gross from each vehicle and conduct precise payment calculations to pinpoint the optimal deal for both you and your customer.

Unrivaled Precision

Minimize dealer desking discrepancies and empower your team to prioritize customer satisfaction through automated program validation. Adhere to lender guidelines and verify incentive compatibility with ease. Assemble deals for customers with precision and profitability in mind.

Customized Deals

Manage transactions utilizing a personalized repository of bespoke templates with instantaneous quotes, purchase versus lease options, and vehicle comparisons. Present rebates incentives accurately aligned with particular vehicles or clients.

Comprehensive View of Profitability

Empowering you to maximize front- and back-end profits with streamlined deal-making process for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. With visibility into current manufacturer incentives and rates.

Elevate Customer Experience

Our desking software assists in pinpointing optimal terms and alternative deal arrangements for your customers, leveraging their credit score seamlessly. Provide customers with comprehensive side-by-side comparisons of various pricing proposals and vehicle options.

Enhance Dealership BDC

BDC relies on real-time scorecards, call monitoring, internet tracking, and showroom traffic to assist your sales team’s activities and capitalize on client leads. Every aspect of the customer prospect experience journey is closely monitored, giving you the best insights to capture every sales opportunity.

Connected Customer Experience

Stay ahead of competitors by leveraging insights from Oplogic BDC customer experience management tools to craft revenue-boosting strategies.

Effective Communications

Execute your lead-generation campaigns and follow-up campaigns to convert prospects into appointments and sales.

Efficient Time Management

Focus towards in-person customer interactions within your dealership, rather than being tethered to a phone or computer.

Streamlined Flexibility with Transparency

Enhance the buying experience with transparent processes, minimize wait times and unnecessary exchanges during desking, and offer flexibility to explore, compare, and revisit options.