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Product Information


LightYear’s Accounting Module was developed exclusively for dealers with a vision to elevate how CFO’s, Controllers, and Business Manager’s view their accounting system.

The Dealers Finance Module provides all the conveniences of the most sophisticated accounting package while reducing the complexity that naturally comes with automotive accounting.

Taking the best ideas from today’s Dealer ERP solutions, LightYear’s Accounting Module is unparalleled in operating multi-company, multi-franchise groups within a single integrated environment.Have you wanted to consolidate your accounting office, or choose how best to manage your Vendors or A/R clients without being limited by what your system can handle? Do you have trouble finding critical source documents to validate transactions as you post them? With an integrated accounting system, office managers and clerks with a click of a button can access information without the hassle of key codes, paper, or phone calls.

  • Highly scalable, supports multiple GL’s under a single environment
  • Centralize business operations
  • Easy to use search engines with secure access to fine-tune your search criteria
  • Intuitive journal entry screens, schedule wizards, and tools to easily validate and cleanup schedules

And much more…

Find out why they dealers and large dealership groups select DealerBuilt to manage their operations.

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Dealer Management System | Payroll

DealerBuilt’s Payroll Application offers a comprehensive solution to manage your payroll needs.

DealerBuilt’s Payroll Module was built with efficiency in mind. Powered within the DealerBuilt’s DMS platform, the integration between operating your dealership(s) and making sure your most valuable asset, your staff, are managed well is unparalleled in this industry.

With customizable reporting tools you will be able to historically document and review payroll that best fits your needs.

Key features include:
      • Customize reporting groups, e.g. EEOC, worker’s comp codes, etc.
      • Numerous customized check options
      • Multiple pay types per employee
      • Scalable to operate large dealership groups
      • Customize deduction start and stop dates
      • Add pay types/deductions ‘on-the-fly’
      • Customize payroll for the fastest and easiest processing by department or location
      • One database for multiple EIN companies

As with all DealerBuilt modules; the payroll package is accurate, reliable and integrated with your entire multi-company operation; no need to navigate multiple screens to run your payroll.

Payroll’s ad-hoc reporting module provides unfettered access to drill down into the specifics to analyze your current and historical payroll data.

As with all DealerBuilt DMS modules; we worked with our clients to develop a payroll package that best fits YOUR dealership needs!

Find out why they selected DealerBuilt’s Dealer Management System over other vendors. When DealerBuilt DMS went head-to-head with other DMS solutions: DealerBuilt was their only choice! Contact or call (888) 808-0733 to find out more.



LightYear’s DealerScan™ Parts Solution provides improved inventory management. Fully automated receipting, cycle counts, physical are just a few of the key benefits of DealerBuilt’s real-time DealerScan™ Parts Solution.

DealerScan™Parts provides powerful features that help you tighten inventory control,manage multi-store inventories, control labeling, integrate with legacy solutions, increase accuracy, save time, maximize revenues and ensure higher customer satisfaction.

The DealerScan™ Parts Solution maximizes the effectiveness of your inventory control efforts. By identifying sources of potentially costly variance, the system is able to recommend specific bin sequences for your cycle counts. Detailed exception reports are always at your fingertips. DealerScan™ Parts allows you to manage orders, shipments, and exceptions for each managed location. The informative, responsive graphical interface makes it easy to identify and resolve misdirected shipments. Improve accuracy by eliminating keyboard mistakes while reducing the time required to receipt. The system identifies discrepancies between your order and parts received. DealerScan™ Parts features a suite of detailed exception reports, available on demand, allowing easy reconciliation with manufacturer shipper info. 100% real-time processing improves customer service. DealerBuilt’s DealerScan™ Parts Solution saves time when conducting a physical inventory. The DealerScan™ Parts Solution increases revenue by quickly getting parts checked in and routed to the appropriate personnel for faster completion of RO’s and higher customer satisfaction at the parts counter.

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LightYear’s DealerScan™ Parts Solution provides improved inventory management. Fully automated receipting, cycle counts, physical are just a few of the key benefits of DealerBuilt’s real-time DealerScan™ Parts Solution.

Let DealerBuilt take the pain out of inventory control! Drastically accelerate your inventory process and automatic vehicle tracking with DealerBuilt’s state-of-the-art DealerScan™ VIN solution.


If you need a tool to help tighten control of your inventory and improve the accuracy of your daily and monthly vehicle counts, the DealerScan™ Vin vehicle inventory and tracking solution is the answer! No more walking through your lot with a notepad manually matching vehicles to VINs. DealerBuilt’s DealerScan™ VIN solution provides complete vehicle inventory processing and exception reporting. Simply scan your inventory and let DealerScan™ VIN do the rest.


DealerScan™ VIN is the ideal solution for tracking vehicles. Organize your inventory into an unlimited number of lot locations. As you scan your inventory, DealerScan™ VIN keeps your inventory records up-to-date, ensuring the current location of each vehicle has been accurately recorded. Detailed discrepancy reports are a click away.


The DealerScan™ VIN Solution is designed to leverage hardware devices you may own from a prior DMS or other scanning system. It can read and print VIN labels from a number of other solutions. DealerScan™ VIN is designed to provide a worry-free conversion experience for your dealership.

Contact or call (888) 808-0733 to arrange a trial of DealerScan™ VIN, the most recently-designed vehicle inventory scanning solution in today’s automotive marketplace.