Document Management

Premier Data Management

We are Premier Data Management, a business that offers full-service document management, as well as information workflow systems. This means that once your documents are uploaded into our cloud-based environment, they have taken the first step into a process where that data starts working for you.


etfile is a robust content management software that simplifies file sharing of all types of paper and electronic content. etfile’s Enterprise Content Management solutions provide auto dealers with a competitive advantage around customer service and efficient dealership management.


DocStar document management and automated AP solutions empower your team to capture, store and manage any document, from any location, on any device.

docSilo (Advanced Digital Technology/Advdigitech)

ADT specializes in providing its clients with non proprietary solutions that address both information and document management needs. docSilo provides a secure redundant centralized document archive for storing and managing your paper and electronic based information.