FrogData is an advanced analytics platform for automotive dealers. We take all your data from any of your applications, helping car dealers to improve profitability, sales person efficiency, and cost of operations in all the departments.


Jedox enterprise performance management software streamlines planning, budgeting and forecasting across finance, sales, human resources, procurement, and other departments.


DealerFenix is an innovative reporting, workflow and activity solution for auto dealerships.


Track every aspect of your automotive group with reports and applications for every employee in your organization.

Axcessa (Reverse Risk)

There’s critical data hidden in your DMS that’s impacting your bottom line. NCM axcessa can instantly put that information at your fingertips by mining and aggregating it into easy-to-understand online reports.


Askdata searches across all your data to answers your queries and to explore data insights, at unprecedented speed and scale.