DealerPeak’s automotive CRM solution is built specifically for dealer groups, providing tools to seamlessly manage the customer experience and streamline lead management across the organization – resulting in more leads, more sales, and highly satisfied customers.


First and foremost, Astute RM is super easy to use. We call it EasyWare. Astute self-trains the user and guides them along. It is totally intuitive. In fact, it is easier for users to use it than not! Complicated software, we call it HARDWare, requires intense training and is seldom used properly. Dealership personnel churn only amplifies the problem. New users can jump right in and use Astute RM on their first day. The familiar mobile environment within Astute RM sets us apart from the Legacy CRMs designed before the smartphone era.

Cox Automotive

Cox Automotive brands provide industry-leading digital marketing, retail, financial and wholesale solutions for consumers, dealers, manufacturers and the global automotive ecosystem

Black Book

Black Book combines the advanced capabilities of data scientists with industry expertise of automotive analysts. Our solutions provide buyers and consumers with impartial insights, and help vendor companies improve quality, engagement and business performance.

DealerMine CRM

DealerMine CRM offers solutions for CRM, BDC, and Desking.

Dealer Wizard

At Dealer Wizard, the right equity mining makes all the difference. We are the best solution for retaining your owner base. Our proprietary technology automatically analyzes the full scope of your DMS each month, identifying in-market lead opportunities that can be reengaged through personalized campaigns.

HomeNet Automotive

HomeNet’s digital merchandising platforms are designed to help providers support their clients and help dealers build an online presence that attracts and engages shoppers quickly. That way, consumers can make fast, informed buying decisions that drive sales and the success of your business.


ProMax automotive CRM is a streamlined, all-in-one system that simplifies your dealership software and processes so you can manage every aspect of your operation with ease; from tracking and following up on leads, desking deals, managing inventory, marketing to your customers, and more.


XtreamService generates qualified sales leads using your DMS data to identify which customers are most likely to buy. Then it helps you craft an offer they can’t refuse.

Dominion WebControl (formerly Avv)

Dominion Web Control is a web-based automotive dealer CRM and lead management solution built to manage and market to both leads and prospects. Web Control pulls lead data from over 300 sources including your website, your OEM’s website and third party websites.