Dealer Pay

Dealer Pay leads the automotive industry, providing modern payments and point of sale solutions, specific to dealers. Backed by 20+ years’ experience, we are helping dealers increase productivity and customer retention in each department.


The cPayPlus mission is to get better every day at providing payments software and services to our customers. We automate 100% of a business’s vendor payments by its next payment run, making bill payment simple.

SMART Payment Plan

Since 2003, we have been helping people have more convenient automated loan and bill payments, match lower payments to their paydays, pay off loans faster, reduce stress, simplify budgeting and their finances. We provide the most reliable, easy, hassle-free and flexible payment service in America.

IntelliPayment (Uptempo)

We help you reset the tempo of your loan or lease payments to suit your cash flow, with the potential to pay your loans off faster and save you money.


CenPOS helps you build lasting customer relationships with secure, flexible and simple commerce technology solutions.