DealerBuilt Integrations with Honda

DealerBuilt helps Honda and Acura dealers streamline and enhance their operations by offering a wide range of integrations between our LightYearTM DMS platform and American Honda Motor Company systems, enabling you to automate critical processes, eliminate re-keying of data, and ensure your staff have the details they need to deliver a superior customer experience.

Sales and F&I Interfaces

  • IDEAL – Import contract details from LightYear to the IDEAL portal
  • RDR/Vehicle Sales – Automatically transmit real-time RDR data to AHM iN throughout the deal process
  • Vehicle Invoice – AHM sends manufacturer invoice data that enables insertion of vehicle details into LightYear to create initial vehicle stock entries  
  • Vehicle Sales – Transmit vehicle sales from LightYear to AHM on a nightly basis

Parts Interfaces

  • Parts Order – Generate parts orders within LightYear and submit them to AHM 
  • Parts Return – Generate parts returns within LightYear and submit them to AHM
  • Parts Shipper Inquiry – View status information specific to an individual part within LightYear
  • Parts Master – Import monthly Parts Master from AHM to ensure accuracy of parts pricing data in LightYear
  • Parts Catalog – LightYear interfaces with Honda’s iN Web Parts Catalog, enabling easy Honda parts additions to counter slips, ROs, parts orders, and estimates 
  • Parts Invoice – Automatically transmit parts order invoices from LightYear to AHM on a nightly basis
  • Parts Inventory – Automatically transmit parts inventory from LightYear to AHM on a nightly basis

With DealerBuilt’s DMS, there’s less hassle, less double-data entry, and we’re simply more efficient when it comes to day-to-day functionality and transaction processing.

Andy Wright
Vice President, Lehigh Valley Honda and Acura

Service Interfaces

  • Vehicle Service Inquiry – Retrieve and view campaigns and recall checks from Honda
  • VIN Inquiry – Retrieve and view warranty coverage and repair history from Honda
  • Warranty Claim Submission – Transmit warranty claims to Honda iN from LightYear upon closing an RO, which can then be reviewed and submitted by the dealership’s warranty administrator  
  • Service Appointments – Automatically transmit service appointments scheduled in LightYear to AHM on a nightly basis
  • Service Data/Closed ROs – Automatically transmit closed ROs from LightYear to AHM on a nightly basis

Enterprise Accounting Interfaces

  • Financial Statement – Pull data from your general ledger in LightYear to generate the standard monthly AHM financial statement and upload it to AHM 
  • Warranty Credits – Enables one-click insertion of received warranty payments to the general journal window in LightYear to create posting, eliminating keying of data 
  • Holdback Statement – Enables on-click insertion of your holdback statement to the general journal window in LightYear to create posting, eliminating keying of data

Why else do Honda & Acura dealers switch to DealerBuilt?

Rely on a DMS that empowers, not constrains

Our flexible platform technology empowers each client to realize their unique vision for their dealership. LightYear precisely conforms to your desired business processes and enterprise reporting requirements.


Leverage your choice of preferred technologies

With no integration fees and LightYear’s open integration platform, clients can build their preferred dealer tech stack and freely leverage their data to streamline business processes and enhance the customer experience.


Gain a true partner in your dealership's growth

DealerBuilt was founded by a dealer, so listening closely to dealers and co-innovating with them to advance our DMS have always been at the heart of how we do business. We’re here to be a true partner in each dealer’s success.


Invest in a system of engagement, not just recordkeeping

LightYear is the industry’s only DMS platform, with built-in and deeply integrated customer experience tools that enhance the customer’s journey and help drive revenue. Reduce your cost of ownership for these tools and extend the value of your DMS as a system of engagement.


Find out why we’re the different DMS

DealerBuilt’s DMS solution is relied upon by forward-looking dealers and dealer groups to realize their unique vision for their dealership, with:

  • Modern, highly-customizable platform technology
  • Built-in customer experience tools
  • Advanced DMS enterprise accounting software capabilities
  • No integration fees and flexible integration platform