Mastering a Modern, Data-Driven Approach to Dealership Performance Management

This eBook explores the current trends that are changing the ways that dealers access and utilize DMS data and analytics. It also provides a blueprint that dealers can use today – including practical tips regarding essential metrics, technology, and change management strategies – to successfully implement a modern, data-driven approach to dealership performance management. Read […]

How Ardmore & Central City Toyota Found a Dealer-Centric DMS Partner

Case Study: Switching from Reynolds and Reynolds’ DMS to DealerBuilt Read this case study to hear a controller’s perspective on why Ardmore & Central City Toyota moved away from their cumbersome Reynolds and Reynolds solution and selected DealerBuilt, a dealer DMS software platform that supports their dealership’s specific needs and processes and allows them to […]

DMS Data: Eliminating Roadblocks to Access & Innovation

Read this eBook to learn how DMS data is supercharging the customer sales and service experience, and what you can do to navigate around the data “gatekeepers” – those DMS vendors that have chosen to restrict and heavily monetize the flow of a dealer’s data for their own profit – to avoid DMS data access […]

How McGrath Automotive Group Gained Efficiencies and Flexibility with Help from DealerBuilt

Case Study: Why McGrath Auto Group switched to DealerBuilt for an Enterprise-Class DMS Read this case study to learn why McGrath Automotive Group moved away from large conglomerate Reynolds and Reynolds and selected DealerBuilt, a company focused exclusively on being a DMS innovator and offering a more modern and customizable DMS platform that meets enterprise […]

DMS Data: Removing Barriers to Access and Innovation

Will the DMS automotive solutions of the future look more like a gatekeeper or an automotive data hub? Hear from DealerBuilt CEO, Mike Trasatti, and Banks Media Enterprises President, Cliff Banks, as they discuss the evolving and strategic role of data within the retail automotive space and how various industry stakeholders are seeking to harness this valuable asset. […]

The Future of Dealer Technology: CEO Perspective, Part 2

Earlier this month, I published Part 1 of my article that contemplates the future of dealer technology and the pivotal role that the DMS – dealership management system – will play in it. In this article, I made the case that the DMS platform of the future will move well beyond its traditional role as […]

The Future of Dealer Technology: CEO Perspective, Part 1

While the DMS – dealer management system – has been a common component of car dealership technology for many years, its current role within the dealer tech ecosystem is evolving, making it one of the top strategic technology investments that today’s dealers are making – whether they realize this or not. Let’s consider several key […]

The Future of Dealer Technology: COVID-19 and Beyond

Dealerships are resilient businesses. They showed positive return-on-equity even at the height of the Financial Crisis.* Now, amid COVID-19, dealers again are tasked to respond quickly to optimize cash flow. Many choose to consolidate dealership technology solutions in the Dealership Management System (DMS) to keep the business operational. Long-term implications, however, caused by potential attitudinal […]